Make your salon more interesting with the amazing & stylish portable shampoo bowls!

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If you have a busy schedule in your life and you don’t have time to go to spas and salons on regular basis then it will be good for you to have a portable shampoo bowl at home. As with the portable shampoo bowl, you can do the shampooing and washing at home easily. If you are looking for a portable shampoo bowl in the market then you may find a number of options from different brands having different features but selecting one out of them are really difficult tasks. So we are here with some of the good options of portable shampoo bowls. 


TMS® Portable Black Adjustable Height Shampoo Basin
TMS Portable shampoo bowl is the first in the category. It is a portable shampoo bowl so it will be easy to move the shampoo bowl from one place to another easily and you can also travel the portable shampoo bowl to the desired location. With the height adjustment feature of the portable shampoo bowl, it would be easy to serve the different customers. This portable shampoo bowl comes with the plug and drains hose pipe for the easy removal of the used water from the basin of the portable shampoo bowl. With the stable base stand, it is easy to work with the shampoo bowl as it stays firm and stable during shampooing and washing of the hairs.

Dealkoo Black Portable shampoo bowl
Next in the list is the Dealkoo portable shampoo bowl which is also a compact shampoo bowl to use for the shampooing and washing the hairs. It is a light weight product so that you can have it with you at your home for easy usage of the portable shampoo bowls. It also works efficiently and guarantees the safety of the user and operator both while using the portable shampoo bowl. With the large space in the shampoo basin of the portable shampoo bowl, it would be easy to use it.

HomeSmith Portable Height Salon Deep Basin
HomeSmith portable shampoo bowl is the next in the list which has a large bowl so that you can easily use the portable shampoo bowl and it would be comfortable to use the deep basin of the portable shampoo bowl. Adjustable height is also an additional feature to serve different customers. It would also stay stable with the 5 legs stand of the portable shampoo bowl and you can easily do your work of shampooing and washing hairs effectively without any disturbance.


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