Apple iPhone 8 complete Specifications with updated information!

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With the announcement of Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7plus, much more is expected from Apple iPhone 8. The company till date has no words on the launch of the device, the below-mentioned specs are taken from different trusted sources of the web which are expected to be true. 


Apple iPhone 8 Display

As the iPhones are coming up with increasing display screen size so it is expected from Apple iPhone to come up with a display screen size of 6.5 inches. We are having Apple iPhone 6 with us with the screen size of 4.7 and 5.5 inches so the Apple iPhone 7 and with these thoughts in mind it is expected that Apple iPhone 8 will land up with the screen size of 5.7-6.5 inches because if its screen size is increased more than 6 inches then it will be in the tablet category not in the smartphone’s category.
It is also expected from Apple iPhone 8 that we will have an end to end display through which we will have a full-screen display that will be protected by Sapphire glass protection, which is really a tough glass and hence Apple is planning to come up with an unbreakable phone which is a future smartphones industry requirement to protect it from scratches and blemishes. Apple is also planning to transfer from an LCD display to the OLED display as per the rumors as OLED displays are more efficient and has a high response time as compared to earlier conventional displays. It is also expected to come up with a 4K resolution to have a clear and quality vision. It is also expected to have a fingerprint and eye scanning functions. With all these features it is expected that Apple is planning to bring an unbreakable smartphone for users so that they will not have to worry much about the handling of the smartphones.

Apple iPhone 8 Memory

After the announcement of Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus it is expected from iPhone 8 too that it will come with the 32GB and 126 GB and 256 GB variants as they have removed the 16 GB and 64 Gb variants from the list. Let’s see what Apple is planning to bring with the new variant of Apple named as Apple iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Camera

As the iPhone’s camera is concern it is expected to come up with a 16 MP of rear camera while it will have 8 MP front camera, the company has just announced Apple iPhone 7 and 7plus with 12 MP of rear camera and 7 MP of front facing camera, so iPhone 8 would land up with better functions as of Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus , Apple iPhone 7 plus has a dual lens setup to capture better quality images, so it is expected from iPhone 8 that it will have that feature too with additional dim light photography option too. It is also a rumor that Sony IMXXX sensors can become a part of Apple iPhone 8. The quality of apple devices is better when compared to the image quality of other devices. The Apple iPhone 7 and 7Plus have 7 MP of front camera and it would be a great news for selfie lovers as the device will come with an 8MP camera for their selfies with the Apple iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 RAM

It is expected from Apple iPhone 8 that it will have 4 GB RAM in it as Apple iPhone7 and 7 plus are announced with 2GB RAM only , iPhone 8 would be a powerful smartphone if it includes 4 GB RAM.

Apple iPhone 8 Processor

Apple iPhone 7 and 7Plus are having A10 processor so it is expected that Apple iPhone 8 will have a more powerful processor as of A10 as Apple brings a new processor with its every new smartphones, Apple has its own system on a chip which ensures a new processor with every new Apple’s smartphone of the year. So Apple iPhone 8 is expected to have A11 chip which will be more powerful than A10 chipset.
As per the rumors the Apple seems busy working with reference designs for its new CPUs which were built on a highly efficient 10 nm manufacturing process. Apple’s own chips were based on ARM reference designs and it seems outsourcing to Taiwan TSMC or South Korea’s Samsung. As TSMC has promised the production of 10nm chips in 2016 and it is also heard that Samsung is trying to beat it, but this time it is reported that Apple has called Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to become the exclusive A11 chip supplier for the upcoming Apple’s iPhone 8 in 2017. According to one of the trusted industry related news, the processor for iPhone 8 should be built on a 10nm FinFET process.

As soon as the processor will be finalized we must inform you but TSMC is about to finalize it the last quarter of 2016.Apple iPhone 8 would come up with such a powerful processor to increase the efficiency and performance of the iPhone as well as to give pleasure working with it having multiple applications and yet running smoothly and with fast response time.

Apple iPhone 8 Battery

As per the rumors it is expected that Apple iPhone 8 would include a powerful battery which will give you 18 Hrs of usage with 4G technology, it would be nice if it will increase the battery size of the device so to incorporate with the upcoming smartphones, As the coming smartphones are having much higher battery backup of about 4000 mAh. It is also a rumor that Apple’s iPhone 8 will come with a wireless charging option so that you will not have to sit next to your charger which is hanging in a power socket, you can move around with iPhone in your hand and your phone will automatically charge with the wireless charger.
A lot more is expected with Apple’s iPhone 8 and it includes the 5G technology with fingerprint and eye retina scanner with a fast charging option and it may have a holographic display as well.


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