Apple iPhone 8 design: The future meets the present!

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In its 10th anniversary of the iPhone launched by Apple, it is rumored that Apple is going to launch its latest model adding to the success of the series of iPhones launched every year. The 10th anniversary would be special not only for the company but for the consumers too. A lot oof rumors has already been spread for the new iPhone 8 which is going to be best-designed Phone in the year 2017 although the features of the new iPhone are being compared by the Samsung galaxy S7 Edge and Note 7.The main features which would be the focus of the iPhone 8 would be Curved Glass Body with OLED Display, No Home Button, wireless Charging, Camera and touch ID integrated display, Retina Scanner and lot more.

The advanced technology of the iPhone 6 has created a panorama for the eighth-generation Apple Phone. The expectation from the eighth-generation iPhone is very high inclusive of all the latest technologies. According to Nikkei Asian Review, the new iPhone will be a much larger screen than the 6th generation iPhone. The size of the iPhone 8 is expected to have a standard size of 4.7 and 5.5 inches. It is being speculated that the weight of the 8th generation iPhone will be much lesser than the iPhone 6 which is129g. There would be apparent upgrades seen in the iPhone 8.

The latest version of the Apple iPhone is speculated to have a semi-curved display with an all glass design that would turn the front of the phone featuring a single display. Well, these features have already been seen in Galaxy S7 and Note 7. There is another good new that Apple is switching over to the OLED Technology which would enhance the contrast ratios with less power consumption. The touch ID Sensor is going to be completely integrated with the display.

Moreover, it is being expected that the latest version of the iPhone will free the consumers from using their hands for unlocking the phone as it is going to introduce the Retina Tracking Sensors. This is already being used in some of the Androids phones. Customers of the iPhones are expecting to see this function in the latest version of the iPhone.

After a long time work on the replacement of the 3.5mm headphone jack, Apple is going to launch the lightning port which would save the space for the battery. Along with the lighting port, the Apple is going to introduce the wireless charger in the iPhone 8 too. Well, the advanced technology has contributed a lot easing the lives of the people and at this stage of ease, consumer demands to perpetuate their ease. Carrying cable to charge the phones is an outdated idea and no one needs it any more. So, it has been expected from the iPhone to launch the solar batteries which will also contribute to the sustainable development.

The New iPhone 8 is going to enhance the quality of the camera and probably introducing the new phone with Dual sensor Camera enabling the user to avoid the disturbances while clicking the pictures during motion. Even if you are in motion the camera of the phone will capture the clearest picture. This would also provide the clearest voice quality to the videos made by the 8th generation iPhone.

The most important feature of the iPhone 8 for which the consumers are awaited for a long time, is the robust design of the phone. It is no more a loss even if you throw your phone on a hard surface or if it gets wet in the water. No more, you need to save your phone from the rain. The latest version will be provided with the water resistivity feature which has already been seen in many other handsets and now is ready to give tough competition to other phones.

There have been a lot of speculations and expectations from the upcoming 8th generation Apple Phone.  It will be soon disclosed, how fulfilling the new iPhone 8 has remained and what features it will be launching with its new phone.


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