Apple iPhone 8 concept which will amaze you and the complete smartphone Industry!

This is not the first time that any designer is coming up with an innovative way to add widget-like functionality to the upcoming iOS8. But, when iOS concepts are talked about, a designer surely puts forward the unique thought process into it about how a company could approach such an issue, rather than preparing an unrealistic concept based on your heart’s desire.

Jay Machalani is doing exactly the same with his "Blocks" concept. If we talk simplistically then, Android has widgets whereas Windows Phone has live tiles, so what about the Apple? Machalani’s idea is quite a bit like the iOS widget concept which is very similar to the Jan-Michael Cart back in 2011. Blocks are a hybrid of live tiles and widgets where you can easily pinch-and-zoom any app and you can have a look at the more info about the app. With this concept, you can also leave the larger Block active and allow them for live updating of info. 
Machalani goes to the extent to discuss the specific details of the pixel size of the Blocks, and also specifying the organization of particular block. You all will be probably waiting for the pictures and videos.

The upcoming iOS 8 offers more functions and is expected to be better engaging with the users. Designers propose a new screen concept which although sacrifices with the wallpaper and is conceptualized to come up with other cool functionality like giving you mini previews of every app that are your favorite apps. Bhandari, a concept designer presents that this way you will never miss a beat of your social world.

Sangam Bhandari has arranged another very beautiful concept of the latest iOS 8. Mobs can’t the stylish and wonderful Bhandari’s creative imagination. The core of the entire idea is renewed home screen that seems to be more functional than the existing home screen and will include the grids in addition to the icons in the previous home screen.

Bhandari’s home screen concept has the following features:
  • ·         The home screen will control the control center.
  • ·         The new concept will show weather information too.
  • ·         The new home screen will feature alarm for the clock application.
  • ·         Time and date will be featured too.
  • ·         Notifications from the most-often used apps.

The function of the already existing Notification Center and Control Center is an amalgam that provides you with a lot of details at the front in a quick glimpse. With this newly proposed concept, you will be likely to check the notifications right from your home screen.
There are also other options that are available to you, where you check out the notifications there without any need to open the specific app just with a single tap. The functionality is expected to be improving as the notion seems to have an interesting feel found inside it. If we take this concept into consideration for any other Smartphone user interface, it must be made in a way so that it is nice and easy.

 This very new iOS concept matches completely with the wonderful landmarks in iOS 8 themes. And despite this great deal of changes that are expected it controls to give itself quite minimal. The new concept is not at all jumbled with any other add-on; the phone will hopefully emerge as simple in addition to the moderately designed winner of the day!


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